Republican Candidate for State Senate.


Lead the way to building a shared brighter future in Minnesota, with freedom, unity, growth and prosperity for all!

I believe in leadership of building a shared vision, uniting, facts-finding and problem solving. I believe every one of us is part of the solution we seek for every issue we face. Problem solving involves everyone and takes honest and respectful dialogue.

My Beliefs: Freedoms, Constitutional Rights, Market Economy and Accountability

My Approach: Listening, Reasoning, Engaging and Collaborating

My Theme:  Positivity, Creativity, Energy and Synergy

My Goal: Building a shared and brighter future in Minnesota. Let the North Star shine with Freedoms, Unity, Growth and Prosperity for all!

If the message above resonates with you, join me and others to make positive changes in Minnesota politics and to build a healthy democracy and robust prosperity in our district, in our beloved Minnesota. Please join my campaign; together we can work for a brighter future!

A Message from Jeff


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It’s time for a servant leader.