Find out where Jeff Jiang stands on important issues.

Revive and Strengthen our Democracy

Defend freedom of speech and promote respect for different opinions to create friendly, open and constructive dialogues on a variety of issues in our society for solutions.

Grow Our Economy to Long Term Prosperity and Competitiveness

Give Minnesota business owners lower taxes, less regulations, and more resources to encourage them to grow, employ, innovate and stay in Minnesota, especially technology and manufacturing companies.

Tax Our Residents Less

Reduce Minnesotans’ tax burdens and let them have more financial resources in their hands to pursue choices and opportunities in life.

Hold Our Government Accountable

Spend Minnesotans’ tax dollars responsibly; achieve higher transparency, efficiency and accountability in government offices with more independent audits and use of efficient data technology.

Empower Our Educators to Teach and Motivate

Hand more resources and support to our teachers and empower them to support and motivate younger Minnesotans to pursue a variety of learning opportunities that fit them.

Make Our Healthcare Available and Affordable

Make sure the sick be offered with choices, pricing transparency and affordability by encouraging more competition and innovation in the healthcare market.

Keep Our Environment Clean

Make Minnesota the national leader in environment-friendly waste treatment, from plastic to electronic waste, to make our soil, water and air cleaner. Advocate for everyone’s responsibility to care for and protect our environment.

Make Our Communities Safer

Support our law enforcement and collaborate with communities to find more effective solutions to handle crimes, gun violence, drug addiction and mental health problems.

Care For Our Seniors and Veterans

Create a safe and senior-friendly environment for seniors’ retirement in the communities; honor and support our veterans with more resources for their healthcare, employment needs and educational opportunities.